It’s midsummer and I’m not sure what I’ve accomplished. 

Here’s my list of summer goals, food and otherwise:

1. Make croquembouche

2. Make ice cream

3. Fried Pie 

4. Get my drivers permit

5. Read Middlemarch

I think these are some pretty good goals. I’ve decided to make the croquembouche for my brothers fourteenth birthday, it’s quite a sophisticated dessert, but he’s a pretty sophisticated boy. It’s unfortunate that I can’t pronounce it.  

The ice cream is just one of those things I HAVE to do, the thought of homemade ice cream keeps hovering on the hungry fringes of my mind, I can’t decide - peach, blueberry, strawberry? I’ll probably end up doing a Dorie Greenspan recipe, she explains everything so clearly.

Fried handpies. Need I say more?
I feel like a failure, I’ve been sixteen for nearly six months now, and not only am I not driving, but I’m don’t even have my stupid permit. 

I started Middlemarch in early May, and despite the fact that I got about a hundred pages into it, I got involved with another book, and I forgot all about it. 

Fortunately I feel much better in my head, a few more decisions under my belt that make me feel as if I’m going somewhere. 

Obstacles are those fearful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal. 

-Henry Ford