thank you and an apple tart

So I haven't known what to say
because nothing sounds quite right.

Who knows why.
Maybe it's because I've started school
and there's no where to cook.
Except for in the microwave
and somehow that seems
distinctly '80's housewifeish to me.
So, no.


I've been meeting people like crazy
only I can't remember most of their names
which is deeply unfortunate, because I like them all.


I'm not even at school right now.
I'm in D.C. for my cousin's wedding.
Which is pretty great. And the love that she looks at her
fiance with-- and watching other couples
last night at the rehearsal dinner...
I have been thinking:

Here is what I want to say--
Thank God
or karma or destiny or fate or kismet or the constellations or the universe or
happy accidents
for the beauty of love.

And I thank all of the above
for the luck
that allows me to
continue to talk to you.
And breathe this air.
And take up this tiny space in your world.
With food and without it.

This apple tart was made ages for a cast party for a show I was in. It's simply pie crust, and thinly sliced apples, sprinkled with sugar and baked at 350 F for about 30 minutes.
It was very nice and light. I figure that's about all the recipe I can give you, because honestly, there is not much else to say.


thank you.