things i wish i was eating

Wickedly good pistachio gelato. Eaten with my dear friend Kamaria.

I think I'm going through kitchen withdrawal. I really, really miss cooking. Actually, I mostly mostly miss the control of feeling in charge of my eating. It's not nearly as much fun to rely on the opinion of the cafeteria chefs. And chef is a strong word, those people in those industrial kitchens work so hard, and I'm not trying to be mean, but when you're churning out huge quantities of food it's difficult to pay attention to quality. And the food in the school cafeterias isn't BAD it's just tiresomely, decidedly mediocre.

Anyways, because I have so little daily control, I get a lot of satisfaction out of buying fruit and muffins at non university grocery stores. There is this precious co-op grocery store called Wheatsville near school, and they have very tasty muffins, and the fruit is arranged beautifully, and it makes me very happy. 

Things That I Am Craving:

-A really good grilled cheese (cheddar) sandwich on thick, buttery slices of sourdough, maybe with a paper thin slice of smoked ham. Served with a smoky, chunky tomato soup.

-Cake. Pref. chocolate. With frosting. 

-TOAST. Please god. With salty butter and lots of jam.

-Eggs. Cooked sunny side up in salty butter and served over TOAST with loads of creamed spinch and maybe some sweet potato fries. And jam.

-Good bread.

-Refried beans and some good rice. That does not taste like BLAND. And some zingy salsa.

-A most excellent cheese burger. 

                                                                            My feet.

-A croissant.

-Banana pudding. (Don't ask.)

Honestly, thinking about all these delicious things is too depressing. I want to eat. Next time I will hopefully have a recipe for you. But in the meantime, please make one of the things above and eat it. Just for me. 

Tiramisu cake and strawberry rhubarb pie, also eaten with Kamaria. ON THE SAME DAY. It was a good day.