to happiness

Let me tell you something. Professors are classy. I mean, CLASSY. I went to my literature professors home and oh my goodness. Can you say class? Can you say pink barber's chair? Can you say fabulous art and divine and exquisite food?
For the first time since coming to school I felt sated physically. And even emotionally/mentally. You see, it feels like forever since I've been around real beauty or been in a truly beautiful space. And so being somewhere, where everything was Just So. Where everything was Just Right. Where everything was Clean and Tidy and Divine and Exquisite.
I mean.
I was in a coma of sated happiness. So lovely lovely.

I was looking through pictures from this year. And there is so much goodness that has happened this year.
And so much sadness too. And that is okay.

But right now I am just feeling so magnanimous and happy. Probably because I have been listening to Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder will do that to you. Also, what is going on? How is it already November? Because earlier this year I had no idea where I would be and what I would be doing at this time.
And now I know.
And it's good.
Isn't that crazy?


Barton Springs in the Evening. Glorious. 

 Lemon tart with chocolate sorbet. And basil. And blackberries.

Bike rides. And the lovely trees seen on bike rides.

With my cousin Nora. In New York. My favorite place. In a pedicab. And eating pastries. And on the way to the theatre. We. Were. So. Happy.
 I never thought I would be happy here but I am. And that is good.
Dancing. And my bag before dance class. 

 Pastries with friends. It's the best.
 The face of Morrissey on the side of the refrigerator at the coffee shop. Also coffee shops. Also the discovery of chai lattes.
 Good advice.

My brothers. Because they are so beautiful.
 And my parents. Because I am only just beginning to realize how unbelievably, amazing, astoundingly, truly gorgeous and wonderful they are.

These profiteroles which I need to tell you about. Because they were SO happy. 

These shoes. 

 Weddings. And dancing at weddings. And crying because weddings are so divine and exquisite.
Concerts. Esp. Fitz and the Tantrums. And Stevie Wonder. 

Also packages from aunts and love and finally starting to feel right and sweaters and teaching dance and singing and dance parties and going out and sleeping in and coffee and self help books and that really beautiful pink barber's chair at my professor's house and embarrassing myself all the time, but that's okay, and sitting outside late at night, even though it's too cold and nail polish and rain and that one cab ride where the driver played the greatest hits from the 70's and we danced in the cab and lunch and yogurt and champagne and meeting beautiful people all the time. 

Basically, I just want to say: