happy new year

So I went to Buenos Aires. 
You know what is in Buenos Aires?
Lots of graffiti. 

                                                                        My favorite:

You know what else is in Buenos Aires? 
Really unbelievable food. 
 I have realized that I like beer. 
 But I have also realized something else about myself.  

I will never love beer as much as I love cheese. This antipasta platter was exquisite:

 The salami was not to be believed. It was rich and buttery, with a depth of flavor and texture that I didn't even know salami could have. And the olives. And the blue cheese and the ham with pistachios. It was gorgeous.

I would give so much to eat that cheese platter again.
The interior of the restaurant was also fabulous. It was straight out of a novel, or the 1920s.

I also loved this waiter. I loved his mustache.

Our table. The beer came in a huge glass bottle for the table. 

A spanish omelette, filled with soft pieces of potato. 

Beef carpaccio. I died.

This is what I ordered. I am not a huge meat eater, but apparently the above is an Argentinian speciality. The fries were wonderful, thick cut, round potatoes. I don't know what the cut of meat was, but it was quite tough and very thin, covered with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. It was very strange and wonderful.

My father's steak. 

My brother's ravioli. Exquisite. 

My brother and I. 

The restaurant, Lo de Jesus. 

It is so incredible when you eat something that makes you gasp with delight, because of the sheer goodness. I wanted to share this with you, because it was so, so unbelievably beautiful. 

Here's to more delightful eating experiences in 2012!