Hey Darling. 

I write to you sitting at an old desk, in a new room, in front of a new window, with a new view. 

Do you ever have moments where you're just like, THIS IS MY LIFE.

And then you smile. 

I am smiling right now. 

I am living in a new apartment, with new/old friends whom I adore, and I am listening to Regina Spektor and Stevie Wonder. Whom I also adore. 

It feels like things are finally falling into place. 
Like things are maybe starting to be right.

I have a new skillet:

Let me tell you about this skillet. 

It is cast iron. And for the rest of my life, wherever I go, this skillet will go with me. It is one of the most beautiful things I own. 

Moving into this apartment, it was weird to realize how much of my personality I define by my possessions. I brought the things that represent me, that remind me of who I want to become, and things that remind me of who I was. 

For me, this skillet is about hope for the future. 

I have so much hope. 

I am going to cook you some beautiful meals in this skillet. I am going to cook a meal for someone I love, a meal for someone I hate.  I am going to cook in this skillet when I am angry, sad, blue, hurt, happy, hopeful, joyful, in love, in loathe, in sickness and in health. This skillet is for good times and for bad times. This skillet is the future. But it is also the present.

And the beauty of cast iron skillets, is that you can cook everything in them.

I am so excited for all of this everything. For all these new beginnings, filled with new and old recipes. 

It's the blossoming of hope. Of newness. Of life happening. Again. 


P.S. There is one last thing that I must tell you. That excites me so much. 
I love to sing and write. And this year I started writing songs for the first time. Which has been so impossibly thrilling. I recorded this EP with love in my living room. Here is what it looks like: 

Please please please give it a listen here: 
I would so appreciate it.