Hi Sweet Darlings,
I haven't abandoned you exactly.
I have been so busy and so tired.
Which maybe is not a good excuse but I'm using it any way.

 I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be strong. And brave. 

Because this year, the one thing I've learned is how strong being vulnerable makes you. 
When you say to someone: Here are my bones. Here are my insides. 
And some people will take you and hold you and all of your ligaments and vertebrae, and they help you love and forgive them. 
And others do not. 
These things make you strong. And brave. 

You will trip and fall and be foolish. 
And you and your bones and insides will get up again. 
And this will make you strong. And brave. 

You are strong. And brave. 
I am too. 

Be safe. Be good. Maybe next time there will be something zesty and delicious to share with you. 

But until then.