Tim's Pisco Punch

I don't like being super busy. It's not fruitful or productive, and in a general sense I don't like. Also, it's too millennial a thing to be busy. Busy is boring. That said, I've been too busy to do much cooking, or thinking, for that matter. I've spent the majority of the year telling everyone how much I want to go on vacation. (I did! For three days! With no cellphone service! It ruled!) 

As it turns out, life is actually about balance, but as it also turns out, I'm not terribly good at balance, because I'm still telling everyone that I want to go on vacation. A few weeks ago, Marissa cooked a huge dinner and Tim made pisco punch. Which is maybe the best thing I've ever had, because drinking it made me feel like I was on vacation. 

I read a nice blog post maybe from Orangette or The Wednesday Chef about the awe of watching people achieve anything, on top of all the other regular work of being a semi-functional human. How do people even do anything???? And then people give you things like pisco punch and you have to just give into having fun instead of believing that you're grinding every goddamn day. 

Anyways, here you go. (There are no pictures of it, because I forgot.) 

Tim's Pisco Punch.

According to Tim this drink was originally created in San Francisco. 

2 ounce pisco

1 ounce lemon juice

.5 ounces pineapple gum syrup (according to Tim, "Liber & Co is the only brand I've found to distribute this ingredient, it's basically a pineapple infused syrup with a thicker, silkier texture than typical simple!) 

A few dashes of angostura bitters 

Combine the pisco and lemon. Gently shake a few drops of bitters on top. I loved the way he made it, because he put it in tiny little cups. I love that.