One-Pot Pasta

One of the hallmarks of being young is that you move all the time. I moved again for the second time this year. Most of my shirts are in trash bags on the floor of my closet. I can’t remember the last time I went grocery shopping. 

my favorite flower in lieu of pasta pics

my favorite flower in lieu of pasta pics

A few days ago, I rediscovered something that I’d completely forgotten about— one-pot pasta. You boil a pot of pasta, and about five minutes before you anticipate the noodles being done, you dump in a bunch of chopped vegetables such as kale, carrots, zucchini, etc. Then you drain everything, pour it back into the pot and whip together some kind of quick sauce. For me this usually means an egg, a favorite cheese, and more salt. I love one-pot pasta for several reasons: 1) it is fast. 2) I am lazy. 3) I like the way the vegetables get so tender and salty. 

I can't believe that I forgot about this trick. 

The rate at which things happen is too fast for me to fully digest them. I keep waiting for the break, to do the laundry, pick the clothes up off the floor, buy more vegetables so I can eat more pasta, even little things like just going for a walk so I can think about everything. Of course the break never comes. 

Getting stuff done is pretty difficult. You lose your phone and in the words of my mother, who has seen it all. “It’s always something.” And what does it meant to be the hero in your own life? I also cannot remember the last time I actually did laundry. The neighbor downstairs told me I was playing music too loud, and of course I didn’t think it was loud at all. 

The ultimate point being, one-pot pasta is simple, and helps me keep it real. No frills, nothing fancy, just easy, quick, good food. Here’s a link to an inspirational Buzzfeed article about one-pot pasta that might give you some ideas. Anyways. 

Happy Labor Day weekend.