Bronwyn Walls, Artist

Texas born, New Orleans based artist Bronwyn Walls is only just getting started. A painter, printmaker, illustrator and photographer, her emotional and sensitive work centers around feminist themes, as well as ideas about about healing and spiritual growth. In 2017 along with writer Aleisha Fitzgerald, Bronwyn created a 78-card tarot deck called Mesquite Tarot, a tarot deck with an emphasis on creating an "intuitive and soft space" for the participant. Beyond her sheer productivity and drive to simply create, Bronwyn's grace and willingness to let her work and interests guide her, humbles and inspires. 

How do you deal with the continual ebb and flow of “success” as a maker?

Staying present is key. I try my best to feel those ebbs and flows in fullness and recognize my momentary place within the ever-changing realms of creativity and self-worth. It’s not easy! Journaling, movement, and meditation are my go-to’s when I’m feeling out of touch. 

Especially given that it’s unusually expensive to make things, how do you afford to be a creative person financially? Do you have a day job?

I was recently hired to do part-time communications work for a non-profit. After a long period of really hustling my creative work and picking up odd jobs here and there, having steady work has been a really nice change of pace. I’ve noticed that it has invited a sense of grounding and stability to my creative practices and has allowed my artwork to flourish on its own terms. 

How do you manage the stress/anxiety that’s inevitable with putting yourself out there?

I have learned from experience that sharing what I make is such a necessary part of my creative process and cycle. Release allows space for new growth.  

In regards to the discomfort of vulnerability,  I think that self-trust is so essential. Some of the ways that I am learning to trust myself:

  • Trusting myself to decide what my message is and to stand by it

  • Trusting that my creative process is a process and that I continue to grow

  • Trusting my own discernment of what criticisms deserve my positive attention and what criticisms are simply different viewpoints that don’t need to be taken personally

One more thing on this- I want to shout out my really beautiful and supportive network here, which makes putting myself out there whole lot easier. And I do recognize that as a privilege and a blessing. 

Do you collaborate, and if so, what’s your collaborative process like? 

I do love to collaborate. The process is different every time, depending on who I’m working with and what our chemistry is like. The most important thing is to create a work vibe that feels very open and trusting. 

What’s your big dream? Do you have one? How do you set goals/set yourself up to achieve?

My creative goals are constantly shifting as I grow as an artist and as an individual. And I’m okay with that. I think it’s important for me to consistently reevaluate what I want and why I want it. The only goal that I maintain through it all is to make art always. 


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